we met as coworkers, amidst the wonderful gorgeous chaos that was the launch of terrain – a beloved home and garden brand hatched by urban outfitters. the friendship that began there grew to be a trusted design collaboration. working together on a floral design series and numerous events, our eyes were opened to the need for an open-minded, multi-faceted styling firm to address thoughtful design in a variety of arenas. with the support of good friends, we took a leap of faith and conceptualized a company that caters to a client seeking design that is innovative, details that are handcrafted, and beauty that is inspired primarily by nature. we are thankful for the opportunity to work together as friends, and to work doing the things we love.

matthew ryan

matthew ryan grew up in the green hills of western pennsylvania, and was always inspired by big city design. ever marching to a beat of his own creation, he was a young trendsetter, styling and making magic happen wherever he went. a love of design and the pursuit of a landscaping design degree brought him to philadelphia, where he has been building a star studded client list ever since. scooped up to help define the visual presentation at terrain’s inception, he became a widely sought-after design guru to the ladies of philadelphia, chester county, and beyond.

melissa jane

melissa jane’s knack for recognizing, uncovering, and cultivating beauty takes its root in the chester county countryside. as a young girl, she followed her mother around the garden where they whisked flowers and vines into one-of-a-kind bouquets. this backyard exploration marked the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. photographing her way through unforgettable neighborhoods around the globe, melissa honed her ability to find beauty in the most unexpected places. over the past seven years she has offered her expertise as an independent wedding designer and event consultant while taking time to hone her creative vision as a buyer and trendsetter for two of philadelphia’s horticultural landmarks, waterloo gardens and terrain.

Who we are

we are a philadelphia based boutique design and events company. we are lovers of nature, of marrying the rustic with elements of whimsy and sophistication. we pursue gentle, thoughtful, and collaborative design, with a focus on our clients happiness above all. we thrive on telling stories, transforming spaces, and playing with flowers on any given day. we specialize in event and wedding styling, but also love opportunities to take on any design based project from in home styling to large scale events.


floral design, lighting installation, tablescapes, collateral design, general décor & logistics.


signage, tablescapes, lighting, space transformation, guest experiences.


interior, exterior, holiday décor, custom projects

  • Andi+Matt






Matt and Melissa. Thank you both for being amazing and so cool. I am still getting compliments on how beautiful everything was. Matts mom was like, "thank goodness you didn't listen to us about anything because it was so beautiful." You put so much time and thought into every detail and it did not go unnoticed. I might be emailing you everyday and saying thank you because you guys rock and I am so grateful for having worked with both of you and you made my day amazing. I had no clue what I wanted, and somehow, as if we were in Harry potter and you had magic wands, you pulled all my little visions that I was thinking of out of my head and transformed it into my vision of a perfect wedding. I know, Harry potter. But seriously, thank you for everything, from fixing my dress to getting me food and drinks. Matt loved you guys and he was so happy on our day, thanks for making it special for him as well. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. I think we all need to get drinks sometime soon!! Let me know if your ever out this way. Please keep in touch!


Hi matt + melissa, I hope everything was amazing for the wedding at Terrain last weekend. I can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm and creativity at our wedding. I am still in awe of what is it to be part of someone's wedding day; the honor, the pressure, and the joy.... Thanks!xoxoxoxo


Hi!! We r great!!! We cannot thank you enough for making our party and home so beautiful. It was EXACTLY as I had imagined! You are both so talented! We are slowly coming back to reality after such a special weekend. Talk soon, and thanks again....

-- Eileen

Matt and Melissa, We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on Jess and Brett’s wedding. Everything was picture perfect – the dinner space, the flowers, the ceremony space, the mushroom hut, everything! We were so happy and everyone just loved it. We will be happy to pass your name on to others. Thanks again for making their day so special! I know you worked really hard.

-- Linda, Jess and Brett

Hi Matt and Melissa, We’ve recovered, and Kate and Ethan are home from their honeymoon. Thank you again for the stunning job that you did – we’ve received so many comments about the lovely décor – how it really added to the personal feel of the wedding. I appreciate your attention to detail -- to make everything so special. I know that Kate and Ethan felt that you really listened to them, and interpreted their vision faithfully, while providing creative suggestions. It was very nice working with you – I will definitely recommend you to friends and family for upcoming events! Kind regards,

-- Mary Fran

at ryan jane co., each of our clients and projects are unique and special. we are a full service styling company, offering design services that range from florals to lighting, print collateral, general décor, logistics and much more. due to this broad scope, we prefer to handle a project from start to finish to ensure a cohesive vision and experience.

we are not a neighborhood florist, nor a purveyor of cookie-cutter anything . we believe in organic floral design, and love to re-imagine colour, texture and form with each bouquet we make. whenever possible, we source our materials locally and choose them by hand. we love details, and will happily hunt antique shops and flea markets for the perfect finishing touches.

because of the individuality of each client we take on, we do not have set packages or fixed pricing structures. we address the needs of each new project and will happily develop a quote based on your specific wants. pricing takes into account a number of variables, including location, seasonality of product used, event size, design detail, installation time, etc.

To begin a conversation contact us at info@ryanjaneco.com